Service Design for Families

Design Challenge: How might we provide a service to strengthen families in the future?


Families fight too much. If a service could help families recognize contention in their homes, they might be more inclined to take a step back. The “Nest” Amity alarm helps families to be more aware of their fighting habits and receive help if necessary.

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Most families have thermometers in the home. This smart thermometer will use volume detection and word recognition for pre-programmed “angry words” like name-calling to detect arguments. 
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If the thermometer detects an argument, it will either play the Barney song or emit a loud beeping noise to both alert and annoy the family members. The alarm will continue beeping or playing for ten minutes or until the thermostat detects reduced volume and “love words,” like “forgive,” “love,” and “sorry.”


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In addition, the smart system will send a “cool off” text message to the family members with a message like:

“It sounds like you may be fighting with someone you love. How about you take a few minutes to cool off? Take a walk. Go in another room. Take a nap. You might have a better perspective after you’ve had a break.”


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Lastly, the smart system can be programmed for high-frequency fighting. If the alarm detects a certain number of fights per week, the smart system will automatically place a call to the offending family members. On the other line will be a trained mediator who will offer to talk the family members through solving the issue. In addition, the camera will automatically turn on to display the family fighting. If the family member accepts, the camera can switch to a video call with the mediator.

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Logo by Nest

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Image by Nest via Best Buy

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